Hi there, thanks for opening and paying attention! My name is Sergio Oliveira. I just finished my third semester of communication design at Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung Stuttgart. For the time period from April to October 2016, I‘m looking for a place to do my internship semester. 

I can‘t stand superficiality.
Neither in behaviour, nor in design issues. Always critical questioning and assessing of my own thoughts, actions and work. Trying my best to improve every day and to keep it real. Being as undisguised and honest as possible in every situation. 

Besides my study at University I have been working on a diverse range of projects in different sizes, categories and from different viewpoints. 
These „viewpoints“ category in different stages of the last years. 

Since I was a child I struggled with unaesthetic things. Due to the fact that there are so many beautiful designs out there, I always struggled why there are so many boring ones. 

I really began dealing with design and photography when I was fifteen as a hobby which led to my internship after school. Within this year I got aware that the actual thing I wanted to do within the many design disciplines is called communication design, which is what I began to study afterwards.
Enjoying sophisticated projects of all kinds and gaining experiences outside of my comfort zone because I think the joy after working out good solutions is always worth it. 

After graduading from Gottlieb-Daimler-Gymnasium in 2012 I started doing an internship at the internet agency Schommer Media in Stuttgart. During this year I established a little fashion label I ran until I began to study in 2014. Since 2014 I have been working indipendently for clients in the subjects communication design, webdesign and photography. 

Design means the ultimate combination of hobby & work to me. Maximal simplicity as complex as possible. Creating the new & unexspected as beautifully constructed as possible. Whoever wants to be understood must produce clearly. 

Love creating the new and unexspected. The fact that there are limitless options in every project keeps my motivation to push myself to the limit. Love to learn different ways to handle ideas and how to bring them to life.

I think working out successful creative projects depends on how good people communicate. 

Sergio OIiveira


+49 174 3123 288